IT scientists and computer experts have already predicted that the upcoming time is going to be digital and computerized. Manual capabilities and skills will get reduced with the passage of time. In the coming future people are going to depend more on technology. But the question is to use the technology you should know how to use it at first, isn’t it? How can you enter into the digital world without knowing about it? The IT industry in the UK is concerned about the lack of digital knowledge among the youth and the children. Youth is the future and if they will not be equipped with an adequate knowledge then how they would be able to serve the IT industry? According to the Survey 70 percent of young people wanted to design creative stuff by using digital tools but due to the inappropriate knowledge they were not able to accomplish the task.

By keeping in mind this situation Barclays bank decided to teach the children of the UK about coding. This step proves to be really innovative and they are receiving loads of appraisals from the people. Barclays believe that there is an urgent need to train the youth and children about the upcoming IT trends. It’s really important for their future and they can get really good jobs. The name of the programme offered by Barclays is ‘Code Playground’. They are not only hosting physical sessions but they Barclays has launched a website too through which kids can get to learn the coding stuff by sitting at home.

From the website parents can book teaching sessions for their kids in any nearest branch in the UK. Code playground website is also equipped with basic programming skills. Before starting this programme, Barclays conducted the survey in which they come to know that 80% of parents believe that for the bright future of kids it’s very important for them to learn coding skills because this technology is being used in a variety of industries such as in app development, software development, game designing, graphics etc. Hence,parents have understood the importance of Digital knowledge among the youth.

Barclays also wants the parents and grandparents of the kids to participate in these learning sessions for general knowledge so that they can also teach to their children because 50% of the parents couldn’t help their kids in doing coding based assignments because of the lack of knowledge.

What is coding?

Coding is the language that we used to communicate with computers. This language helps us in running the software and various tools installed on the computer. Coding is not only limited to computers it is now also used in everyday appliances such as washing machines, stoves, etc.

Why coding is so important to learn?

You can get to know the importance of learning digital skills by a rapid increase of 15% in IT based jobs. That is why learning coding skill in a younger age can become very beneficial in the future. Everyone doesn’t want to become a programmer, but it’s a skill that every young individual should learn for the sake of the secure future.

What Barclays is doing?

Barclays is hosting two-hours coding session for the children and teenagers aged between 7 & 17. These teaching sessions are held at the selected branches of the UK. You can book these sessions through their website or by calling at their customer service department.


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