If you are an owner of a small to medium size freight company and you need some cash to easy cash flow issues, invoice factoring is an effective financing solution. However, make sure you only deal with the best freight bill factoring companies.

Always go for reputed factoring companies that has worked with other companies in your industry. Here’s a list of freight bill factoring companies you can trust:

Thunder Funding

Thunder Funding is on the most-reviewed list of freight bill factoring companies. It has been in the business it truly knows since it’s owners are three generations of truckers. They boast that they are not bankers behind the desk but business people with trucker blood flowing in their veins.

The company focuses on big and small trucking companies and offers competitive pricing. It does not charge fees for setting up your account, handling or postage. It prides itself for having crystal clear pricing with no need for long-term contracts.

Factor Finders

Factor Finders serves all size of trucking companies. It also covers businesses in other industries looking for financial stability or seeking extra capital. According to past clients, the company customizes financing based on your goals and needs with affordable fees and good customer support.

Apex Capital

Apex Capital specializes in helping small to medium-sized freight services. It offers a 2 percent flat rate on invoices that have already been billed. Apex Capital also offers its services with free credit checks, no minimum volume charges, and competitive rates. They are also known to fund quickly and can typically complete the process within the same day or the next day.

The company also prides itself with great customer service and collection practices. When you hand them the invoice, the company deals with your customers in a very professional manner and collects courteously in a non-threatening style.

D&S Factors

D&S is another firm that belongs to the list of freight bill factoring companies consistently garnering positive reviews from business owners. While it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, there are also no complaints filed against it. It offers a 5 percent flat rate for non-recourse invoice factoring. It does not require any minimum volume and promises excellent administrative support.


This company has a tagline “fast cash to keep you rolling” and it tries to deliver this promise through its factoring programs. From flat rates, same day funding, no term contracts among others, Pay4Freight.com tries to help you with your cash flow issues without forcing you against the wall. It also comes with perks such as free truck stop scanning and fuel cards.

TBS Factoring Service

TBS Factoring offers same day cash for invoice. It has been in the business of helping truckers since 1968 through its tax reporting services. In 2013, the company expanded its business to general factoring and has since then offered factoring solutions sans the gimmicks. TBS has different factoring programs to suit your unique business needs and promises rates that are fair and easy to understand.

FactoringCompany.net gives you a list of freight bill factoring companies that you can trust and work with when you need some extra capital.


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