Getting Compensation After Your On-Site Injury

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February 28, 2017
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Getting Compensation After Your On-Site Injury

The on-the-job accident has left you out of work. You have applied for workers compensation and been turned down. You feel betrayed and outraged—rightfully so. However, you should not feel helpless.

Getting workers comp is not always easy. The rules and guidelines for applying can be vexing. The state can use any number of pretexts to turn you down. You should not feel that your case is hopeless. The next step is to work with a lawyer to compel the state to do the right thing.

You Have Legal Options

Workers comp is supposed to be available to working people who have suffered an injury on the job. Everyone who works pays into this insurance system through their taxes. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get the money you’re entitled to without a lawyer. Working with a lawyer such as the ones found at the Orzoff Law Offices will help you get the money you’re entitled to.

Working people are susceptible to all sorts of injuries while on the job. If you work in a factory, for example, you may suffer neck and back injuries, injuries to shoulders, arms, and hands, a herniated disc from heavy lifting, or foot and knee injuries. There are also the pains and incapacitations that result from long years of physical labor. These include eye and hearing loss, carpal tunnel, and hip injuries. The job you work may have taken a toll that is only just now beginning to show.

Supporting Your Family

You need help as you go through rehabilitation or get the required medical procedure. The money from workers comp is needed to help you and your family survive as you recover your health. To compel the state to give you what is owed you ought to work with an attorney with vast experience with such cases. Your family should not have to endure hardship because of a minor bureaucratic roadblock.

Indeed, the attorney you work with should also be caring and compassionate. You are in a difficult situation and it is good to have a sympathetic ear, someone who genuinely cares about your situation and is willing to do all in their power to get you justice.

It is not a good idea to take on the workers comp bureaucracy all on your own. You may end up frustrated and confused. The best move is to work with a lawyer who knows how the system works. Knowing that a lawyer is working your case can make things easier for you to cope with.

The state will have its own lawyers and specialists lined up against you. It is important that your legal team consist of people who are able to bring the facts of your case and the statutes of law to bear in a way that will result in a favorable outcome to you. There is enough stress and strain in your life. You do not need money troubles added on. If you are being stonewalled on your workers comp benefits, it is time to fight back.

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