Clenbuterol is majorly used for treating asthma in most of the countries. But these days it is also being used to t reduce the amount of fat in the body along with giving it a toned shape. Those people who are working out to get a well-toned physique can get lots of energy by using Clenbuterol as it also increases the amount of energy that is produced in the body. It can be taken in many ways, the Clenbuterol cycle is followed depending upon the needs of a person. The range of the cycle varies from a minimum of 4 weeks to maximum of 8 weeks. The dosage is also decided depending upon the individual capacities, it is started with low dosages and then it is increased to high dosage slowly as each week passes by.

Effects on central nervous system

Clenbuterol is known to activate the nervous system in the body; the effects are similar to that of adrenaline. And it will have few side effects as well; those effects are similar to that of drug ephedrine. it has similar effects on Central Nervous System.  It may have toxic effects. Its usage is not approved by the FDA as it has many prolonged side effects due to its long half-life.  The half-life varies from 35 hours to 48 hours.

Various forms of drugs

These drugs are available in various forms ranging from 20 mcg tablets to 200 mcg tablets. They are also taken in the form of injections. The other less common forms of these drugs are inhalers, sprays and syrups. Powder form is also available. The dosage taken by men varies from 4 to 8 tablets per day and the dosage in women is 2 to 4 tablets daily, the dosage in women is half of what is given to men. The other forms of pills varying from 0.025 mg and 0.0375 mg are also available. It actually has thermo genic effect on body because of which the temperatures in the body rise up and it takes approximately 2 months for the temperature to return to normal.

Aiding in recovery

Another usage of Clenbuterol is for the recovery after a prolonged steroid cycle. The users can eat large meals without the fear of becoming fat. It also gives the strength to improve the exercise and work out sessions. It is to be used with a proper diet that is full of all the necessary nutrients and other minerals. It causes deficit in calories and it is possible for the hardest fat to be burnt as well.

Another effect of Clenbuterol is that of a very mild steroid, which is preferred by those body builders who prefer not to use anabolic steroids, this acts as an alternative steroid  by helping in increasing the muscle mass along with strengthening and hardening of muscle. A diet which is high in protein, moderate in carbs and low in fat should be used while taking these drugs. It is used by few people as a performance enhancer as well as it is known to improve energy levels by acting as stimulants.


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