The beauty of indoor hanging baskets

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May 10, 2016
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The beauty of indoor hanging baskets

What are indoor hanging baskets?

The idea of indoor hanging baskets has been popular for over years now. It is equal to bringing the beauty of the plants and nature right into your house. It is not only a treat to the eyes but it also has many beneficial effects on the human health. Indoor hanging plants bring in nature’s grandeur to the interior of the homes. These indoor hanging baskets are available in various unique and modern designs.

There are countless indoor hangings inspirations that immediately lift up the beauty and outlook of the rooms. It brings life to the interior of the house or building. These indoor hangings are available in a form of jars, pots, bottles, containers and cases as well.

Types of Indoor Hanging Baskets

There are countless types and designs of indoor hanging baskets are the best displays that can boost the interior of any room and any indoor style. These various types of indoor hanging baskets include

  • Retro Rival

Retro Rival is indoor plants hangers that are simple and style defining. They can be hanged individually as one piece as well as in clusters. The Retro rivals are creations of Macramé. They have encompassed the perfect retro style and design. They appear with long tails and chains with decorated feathers.

  • Contemporary style

The contemporary styled hanging plants are decorated with bright and dark colors and have a defined look with a beautiful metallic finesse.

  • Color Up

The color up plant hangings has multiple colored looks in contrast to the plants which brings out the best look in the interior. The color up designs is in varying tones and shades. These are designed by the well-known British fashion and interior designer Eleanor Bolton.

  • Glasshouse Style

These plant hangers are indoor plant hanging that are the perfect holders for succulent, wild and exotic plants. They have a tight grip over the plants holder..

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